Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts

Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts The newly revitalized Orangery Schoenbrunn, the largest orangery building in the world, serves as host for the Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts. Every day the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra, accompanied by renowned singers and ballet dancers, performs the most famous works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart und Johann Strauss.
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An Evening in Schoenbrunn

An Evening in Schoenbrunn Extend your evening with a tour of Schoenbrunn Palace and the epicurean Orangery Menu at the Café-Restaurant Residenz before listening to the most beautiful works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss at the Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts.
Dinner and Concert
Palace Tour and Concert
Palace Tour, Dinner and Concert

Rendezvous with Mozart - Mozart's Schoenbrunn

Rendezvous with Mozart - Mozart's Schoenbrunn At the early age of six, Mozart took his first steps towards an international career by performing for Empress Maria Theresia in Schoenbrunn. Years later, he had his musical duel with his eternal rival Salieri at Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery. Embark on a journey on Mozart's path in Schoenbrunn.
Mozart's Schoenbrunn – Palace visit, Dinner and Concert

Sisi's treasures

Sisi's treasures Book our package „Sisi’s treasures“ to enjoy Vienna’s imperial ambiance to the maximum. You will visit the former residences of the Habsburg dynasty (Schoenbrunn Palace and the Imperial Palace including the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Silver Collection) as well as the Imperial Furniture Collection. Afterwards, you will enjoy a gourmet dinner, followed by an evening of music at Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery. All tickets are valid for one year after the date of issue.
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Mammals and Melodies

Mammals and Melodies Schoenbrunn has many faces - among others, a very family-friendly one! This package introduces you to the diversity of this World Heritage site. It focuses on the visit of the zoo and the visit of the Schoenbrunn Palace Concert at Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery.
Mammals and Melodies in Schoenbrunn

"Blue Danube" Package

Blue Danube This package revolves around the "beautiful blue Danube", immortalized by Johann Strauss in his famous waltz. From April to October, you have the opportunity of combining an experience of classical music with an eventful Danube river cruise and an exquisite dinner.
"Blue Danube" Package

Journey through Schoenbrunn (for groups only)

Journey through Schoenbrunn Schoenbrunn Palace and its gardens are a world unto itself - a world waiting to be explored. The following packages give you the choice between an exclusive guided palace tour and a fascinating tour of the zoo. At the restaurant, an exquisite dinner awaits you. Afterwards, enjoy an enchanting concert of classical music including the most beautiful works created by W.A. Mozart and Johann Strauss.
Dinner and Concert
Palace tour , Dinner and Concert
Twilight tour at Vienna Zoo & Dinner & Concert


Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts at the Orangery Schoenbrunn
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