Exclusive Schoenbrunn

for groups of 150 and up

Are you looking for an extra special touch of exclusiveness for your group? Are you picturing an evening that will provide lasting memories for everybody? Then join us at Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery. Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery is one of the most beautiful event locations in Austria. Crowned heads and aristocrats used to enjoy sumptuous parties here.

What exactly will your event be like? The answer is simple: it will be exactly what you want it to be. Cocktail reception, gala dinner, request concerts, corporate events - there is almost no limit to your imagination. "Exclusive Schoenbrunn" will make you play first fiddle!

Location – Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery

The Baroque Orangery, which was intended to be a storage space for exotic plants, was frequently used as the perfect location for sumptuous festivities back in the heydey of the Habsburg dynasty. What used to delight crowned heads back then is just right for you and your guests! At Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery, expect excellent acoustics, a spacious banquet hall that can be divided, a beautiful view of the Orangery's park and last but not least a highly dedicated team that will ensure your complete satisfaction.

The orchestra

Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna is an internationally renowned orchestra that has delighted audiences both in Austria and abroad since its establishment in 1994. It consists of young, dedicated and highly qualified musicians. "Exclusive Schoenbrunn" gives you the rare opportunity of having your very personal request concert. "Exclusive Schoenbrunn" is exactly what you want it to be. How about brushing up on your waltz dancing skills? Let us know what you have in mind - we will make it happen!

Catering and event service "La Vera"

Our team of highly dedicated food and beverage experts at our own catering and event service "La Vera" loves challenges! At the Orangery, we make never-before-seen events a reality, with a strong commitment to perfection and loving attention to detail. Creative cuisine, decorations by "Atelier La Vera", technical and general equipment, decorations - we take care of everything.

Bottom line: an exclusive evening at the Orangery will delight even those who have seen it all... We will be happy to provide a quote adapted to your needs.

"Exclusive Schoenbrunn" is available for groups of 150 persons and up.

Basic package

Orangery rental fee, 1 hour of concert, equipment, table decorations, setting up, post-event service, staff, buffet

Price per person: Starting at € 125.00 (calculation basis 150 persons)


Exclusive Schoenbrunn

Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts at the Orangery Schoenbrunn
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