The Orangery of Schoenbrunn Palace

As far back as the time of empress Wilhelmine Amalie an orangery garden was laid out at Schoenbrunn which included a hothouse for overwintering bitter orange trees.

Orangery Schoenbrunn

The rear part of the Orangery is still used in its original function, while the recently renovated front section is used for the Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts.

A short history of the Orangery Schoenbrunn

Orangery Schoenbrunn

In 1754 Franz I Stephan instigated the building of the Orangery by Nicola Pacassi, probably according to designs by Nicolas Jadot. One hundred and eighty-nine metres long and ten metres wide, the Orangery Schoenbrunn is one of the two largest Baroque orangeries in the world, the other being the orangery at Versailles. The south facade is articulated by an alternating series of large and small apertures with rusticated pilasters decorated with masks. The interior has a regular sequence of shallow vaults and is heated by a hypocaust system. The Orangery served not only as the winter quarters for citrus trees and other potted plants but was also a winter garden used for imperial court festivities. Joseph II was especially fond of holding celebrations in the Orangery with festively-decorated banqueting tables, ranks of flowering plants and illuminations mounted in the tops of the citrus trees. During a winter festivity in 1786 Mozart conducted his Singspiel "The Impresario" here.

Renting the Orangery

The Orangery can also be rented for all kinds of events. The location is perfectly suited for galadinners, receptions, seminars or workshops.

LaVera - the exclusive catering service at the Orangery Schoenbrunn

More information is available on the website of LaVera - the exclusive catering service at the Orangery Schoenbrunn.

How to get there

By public transport

Underground train U4 from the town center to Stop "Schoenbrunn" (approx. 15 minutes)
Take the forward exit of the subway station, follow the way to the pedestrian traffic light, cross the street (walking time is about two minutes). Diagonally left is the entrance to the Orangery Schoenbrunn.

By car

Drive along "Schoenbrunner Schlossstrasse" into town, past the main entrance of Schloss Schoenbrunn, until you reach the pedestrian traffic light. On the right side is the entrance to the Orangery Schoenbrunn. A large car & bus park is directly opposite of the Orangery.


Orangery Schoenbrunn
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Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts at the Orangery Schoenbrunn
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